ENGLAND vs FRANCE – Winner Poll



COACH: Roy Hodgson


QUALIFIED BY: winning their group and going undefeated, scoring in the first 15 minutes of play in 5 of their 8 matches.



COACH: Laurent Blanc


QUALIFIED BY: winning the group, albeit only by a single point over Bosnia-Herzegovina. One Nasri penalty away from having to win a play-off qualifier.


It’s not usual to a Center Defensive Midfielder playing in Central Defender position.
However this scene became normal since 2008-2009 season with Fc. Barcelona when Pep Guardiola played Yaya Toure as CB against Man United in the UEFA CL Final.
Then after recruiting Javier Mascherano from Liverpool. the Argentinian veteran became known as a Center Back at barcelona especially with Abidal’s case and of course the continuous injury prone of Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique which forced the Spanish young coach to play a CDM as a CB.
With time, Marcelona Bielsa started to use the same tactic, noticeably it appeared twice, the first time when he played Medel in CB int he FIFA Worldcup in 2010 and then in the last season when he played Javi Martinez from Atletic Bilbao in CB against Manchester United in the Europa League Quarter Finals.
But the latest surprise was this Sunday when Italy’s coach Prandelly played Daniele De Rossi as a CB against Spain the Group Stage of the EURO 2012.

To wrap it up, a CDM and CB usually have same physical abilities and mentality as the CDM is known for being the first defensive line for the team.
However not every CDM can fill in as CB.
This is why those 5 examples are unforgotten in the history of football and who knows we might see another player starring as a CB while it’s not his original position.

Sparky in Rotterdam '91

Daniele De Rossi Italy vs Spain Euro 2012

The very nature of playing out of position usually comes about out of necessity. Whether it’s to cover an injury crisis or an untimely suspension. While in most circumstances it often back-fires, there are those rare performances where the managers who made the decision to take a player out of his comfort zone can be the difference between walking off the pitch with three points, and cowering away in the office lamenting your ambitious tactics.

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Italy vs Spain – June 10 – In pictures
Furia Roja devotion through a NIKON lens

Pawel Pentlinowski Photography

I believe that all football fans are aware that in the Europe there is a Euro Cup going on. Today I headed to Dublin to meet my Spanish friends and support their team, and also support Irish team which played following match.

This time I brought my camera, and tried to capture these two events in the bast way I could. First match we watched in a pub and the light conditions were really difficult but surprisingly my camera did a good job 🙂 Nikon ROCKS !!!! 🙂

f8, 1/640 sec, 120mm, ISO 200

f8, 1/320 sec, 44mm, ISO 200

f8, 1/320 sec, 29mm, ISO 200

f4, 1/50 sec, 18mm, ISO 2200

f4, 1/50 sec, 18mm, ISO 2200

f3.5, 1/50 sec, 18mm, ISO 2200

f4, 1/40 sec, 18mm, ISO 2200

f3.5, 1/50 sec, 18mm, ISO 2200

f4, 1/50 sec, 18mm, ISO 2200

f/3.5, 1/250 sec, 18mm, ISO 200

Personally I…

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GROUP D – Fast Presentation and stats.
Veteran England versus Strong coming France. And the inexperienced Ukraine to face the Swedish mobs


group d pic

 Photo: credit to toksuede (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryusha/5076740256/)

Group D



COACH: Roy Hodgson


QUALIFIED BY: winning their group and going undefeated, scoring in the first 15 minutes of play in 5 of their 8 matches.


Gerrard (was somewhat of a surprise choice as captain by Roy Hodgson, since he spent a big portion of the season injured for Liverpool. Steven Gerrard is the man on the field who never stops running, who never goes in for a challenge half-hearted, who never accepts that the game is over before it’s over. He has many characteristics suitable to a captain, and has been one of the English Premier League’s best midfielders for the last decade. Has his doubters, and will be looking to prove them wrong once more.)

Young (with Wayne Rooney having to miss England’s first two matches due to suspension, Ashley Young…

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And the next time you hear the siren call of the Ping, tell it to go screw itself.


I’ll make this quick – today, I planned for a totally productive night of getting shit done. I was gonna review my budget, research some investments, blog a little bit, and organize my articles. Yeah, I can tell that you’re totally jealous of my ridiculously awesome life of sex, drugs and alcohol.

But it all started going downhill from work – First, I was given a big task to do in the morning. Instead of focusing on that, I spent my day answering emails, attending discussions, customizing templates, and intermittently going back to that task. And then my colleagues mucked around at the snack corner so of course I had to join them for that. And so I had to work late, and I decided to reward myself with a Swensen’s dinner (come here you, chicken baked rice and US fries and dips, you!), and then I decided…

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EURO 2012 Standings and Review

After the end of the third day of the competition, it’s still hard to judge the teams according to their performance in their first games, adding to that the four teams that are set to technically join the competition this Monday when France takes on England and the Ukrainian hosts play their first game against Sweden.

But to fair, a primary review can be made about the 12 teams that played so far, with Russia leading the positive side, and Netherlands showing the biggest failure, while other teams remained neutral due to different reasons such as the opponents and tactics in addition to the statistics.

There will be a detailed review about every team in both Arabic and English language posted in the upcoming hours, but for now let us stick to the Current Standings and game results.

Excel Sheet with the current results and future games

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