EURO 2012 Standings and Review

After the end of the third day of the competition, it’s still hard to judge the teams according to their performance in their first games, adding to that the four teams that are set to technically join the competition this Monday when France takes on England and the Ukrainian hosts play their first game against Sweden.

But to fair, a primary review can be made about the 12 teams that played so far, with Russia leading the positive side, and Netherlands showing the biggest failure, while other teams remained neutral due to different reasons such as the opponents and tactics in addition to the statistics.

There will be a detailed review about every team in both Arabic and English language posted in the upcoming hours, but for now let us stick to the Current Standings and game results.

Excel Sheet with the current results and future games

    • GROUP A
      • Poland 1 – 1 Greece
      • Russia 4 – 1 Czech Republic
    • GROUP B
      • Netherlands 0 – 1 Denmark
      • Germany 1 – 0 Portugal
    • GROUP C
      • Spain 1 – 1 Italy
      • Republic of Ireland 1 – 3 Croatia

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