Merci Abidal from Mundo Deportivo
Photo published on MundoDeportivo

He is leaving,

Eric Abidal, gave a lot for the team. i am pretty sure that when he joined the team, few used to know about him, his performance and his potentials. despite the fact that he never scored in his career, still he attracted Barcelona’s scouts that decided to buy a 27 years Left Back to substitute Sylvinho who started to become a little bit old back then. But that’s not our case.

Abidal who joined Barca from Lyon, played more than 100 games for Barca, suffered from cancer tumor, he fought and came back before getting ill again.
When Abidal got ill again last year in February, no one in the world thought that he might play football again aged 32 then. Although by July news were talking about a fast recovery and that he might play again, but this continued for more than 8 months until he got back to the training.

Barcelona never gave up on the Frenchman, another team could have sold him from the first time he got ill.
By the time he came back, this spring, Barcelona already ha

d Alaba who came to be the number 1 choice for Tito on the left back, and Adriano as a backup with the option of playing Montoya as an LB too.

So in terms of tactics and options, Abidal was a 4th option in his native position. So the only option was to let him play in the Center Back position. Which is already a weak side, and he is not ready to fill in the gap in it, because he needs a lot of stamina and training. Barcelona who currently have Pique and Mascherano as first options, Mascherano Bartra and Adriano as backups in that position puts Abidal as a 6th option to play as a CB.
In conclusion, Abidal is part of the team and we Barca did for him proves that and he is more like a big brother for the players who learned a lot from him. But if he wants to play he won’t find a place to play in Barcelona even in Friendly games as the coaching staff is looking to reinforce the defense with new players and youngsters.
So if he wants to play he can go play with a team of his choice, and

 as Sandro Rosell said, He is welcomed here anytime he wants. This is his home.

We never give up on our players easily, he can be the manager of Barcelona schools in the world, and i assume that he won’t be away from Barcelona too long. A year or two maximum.
Thank you Abidal for the great memories, for the two memorable goals. For the lesson that you taught us.

Image courtesy goes to FCB Blog
Titles that Abidal got with barcelona
Image courtesy goes to FCB Blog
Image courtesy goes to FCB Blog



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